Friday, March 7, 2014

Obsessing over Floating Shelves

Lately I have been obsessing over floating shelves. I just love them. I could probably put them in every room in our house. Here are a few that are inspiring me...

The above site includes a DIY for making those beautiful chunky shelves. Love the styling on these shelves as well. 
Same source, another great styling/use of floating shelves. I love how this has feminine aspects, but is balanced by the metal orbs, and the bull.

And since Caitlin from Desert Domicile is so great at styling these shelves, here's a little how to.

Now I just have to narrow down how I will use this in our house.

What do you think of floating shelves? Have you used them in your house? 


  1. Floating shelves are great, they add a really clean look!

  2. Yes they do! Thanks for commenting on my little blog! :)